The Inclusive Classroom:

A Restorative Approach to

Teaching and Learning

Hilary Roberts (Click name for bio)

Date: February 12th
Time: 1pm-3pm PST

An inclusive classroom, in which students have a sense of community, is one in which students feel safe, and to which they want to return every single day. These classrooms are ones in which students feel a greater sense of unity and identity as a valued group member, while you, the educator, continue to guide them towards – and hold them accountable for – the desired educational goals and objectives. As an inclusive and restorative educator, your students will be much more prepared and eager to explore the infinite possibilities of the educational experience, and have more profound connections to the material, their classmates, and to you, the educator. 

In this interactive workshop, you will delve into the factors that create a positive, inclusive and restorative classroom community, and explore the transformative teaching strategies necessary for all students to have a sense of belonging. You will learn and practice restorative inclusion methods, and leave with a toolbox of strategies to implement in your classroom. Come prepared to reflect on your own life experiences and to share these experiences with others in a safe and supportive environment.