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Global Arts was recently named a recipient of a grant award from the California Arts Council! 

We are proud to make an impact on the state of the arts in California and look forward to continuing our work in the Pico Union Community.

 Click here for the CA Arts Council press release on Cycle A grantees.


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Staff Spotlight: Kate Outterbridge

Tell us about your background in music.
I started playing violin when I was the ripe old age of 5 years old. I learned violin through the Suzuki method, and also grew up playing traditional Irish music. I always loved the communal aspect of music making so after studying music performance at BU and U of M, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island, to complete a music fellowship at Community MusicWorks. Since moving to Los Angeles I have been lucky to make music with lots of people including Wild Up, Taylor Mac, The National, and in a live musical performance of Love Actually. I also love creating original musical productions with my intersectional feminist duo, The Furies!

Why is Global Arts’ work important to you and how is the organization unique?
Global Arts is important to me because it provides a way to build community through the experience of learning a new skill. There is nothing more fun than making music with others, and seeing young people come together to create music is so rewarding!

I feel as a teaching artist that I can really explore my own creativity in the classroom, that there is room to explore and build something new and fresh, rather than sticking to previous classroom structures because “it’s the way it’s always been done.” I feel like we are really creating new and exciting ways to with our students.

What is a piece of advice that you give to your students?
Breathe! When ever your are learning something new, find a moment to clear your mind and take a deep breath.

What is one of your favorite songs/works of music?
I have been learning about the music of Arthur Russell, I love his song “This is How We Walk on the Moon.” I love how he uses the cello in unexpected ways.


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